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    The giveaway would not have happened without all the supporters of FYSNNY.storenvy.com!

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    “It hardly matters why a library is destroyed: every banning, curtailment, shredding, plunder or loot gives rise (at least as a ghostly presence) to a louder, clearer, more durable library of the banned, looted, plundered, shredded or curtailed.” ― Alberto ManguelThe Library at Night

    Celebrate banned book week!

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    Written by Teripops

    Secret police design by Rhobi

    Cecil’s forearms are almost exactly what I want on my right arm…

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i’ve been waiting for this moment, for all my life.


    i’ve been waiting for this moment, for all my life.

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    if you follow the paintbrush with your eyes while not moving your head, it forces you to use emdr which is a therapeutic technique to calm anxiety/panic. watching fish swim causes the same effect.

    I don’t have a favorite post on Tumblr, I don’t have things that I ‘always’ reblog.

    But this is one thing I love seeing on my dash, I love having it on my blog, it really helps to calm me down and its amazing.

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Category One Kaiju

    Category One Kaiju

  8. Yes, the Bechdel Test. It’s named for Alison Bechdel, who is a comic book creator. The test is, are there two named women in the film? Do they talk to each other? And is it about something other than a man? I actually think the Bechdel Test is a little advanced for us sometimes. I have one called the Sexy Lamp Test, which is, if you can remove a female character from your plot and replace her with a sexy lamp and your story still works, you’re a hack.

    — Comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel, Avengers Assemble)

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    These are cute.

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    The only way to respond when someone asks you “why do you write strong female characters.”

    The last one is the best.